Dream to plan, believe to achieve

Our Journey Begins

Our dream of achieving educational and ethical development emerged amidst the 25th of January uprising in Egypt. Since then, our revolutionary idea was born.

Post-revolution era

The Challenges!

Our community has faced moral decline and detachment from roots, culture and history. A series of dramatic events and changes during the past few years have affected our children’s mental attitudes and behaviors. Negativity and selfishness have become the behavioral trend and the basic sense of responsibility has deteriorated. Even our language has become superficial, our vision became clouded, while sarcasm has taken over objectivity, and the belief that we can achieve something valuable for ourselves and others has waned.

On the other hand, advanced education and modern socialization methods have gapped across schools, home and other social environments; as a result, hindering our youth’s development. Whereas, the negative influence from media, including news channels, TV shows, and films, have portrayed revolting feelings and on-going mutiny, and have developed the wrong ideas about freedom, power and ethics.


Research and Development

The founders teamed up with educationalists, psychologists, business professionals, and technical experts to research and tackle the different challenges that affect our youths’ ethical and educational processes. We have studied an array of teaching and developmental approaches, while carrying out methodical analysis and comparisons of diverse resolutions that are applied world-wide. From that, we developed an assortment of tailored solutions to fit the various needs and cultures with distinguished novelty, creativity and advancement.


Creating Our Solutions

Our team transformed the outcomes from its research and development into a unique set of customized products and services to aid educational institutions, support and develop teachers, involve parents, as well as enrich the educational and ethical process for students.


Establishing iStudent EDS

iStudent EDS officially came to being. Our products and services since then have been under ongoing development. At the same time, our networks extensively expanded across schools, educators, parents, students, and influencers, who became an inspiring source to continuously advance our customizable solutions.


Success Stories

Our success lies in planting the belief to achieve positive change and determination among our youths and educational institutions. Await the thrilling success stories that have resulted from our Vision soon.



iStudent EDS moved to its new base with an ever-expanded team of educational consultants, technical experts, business leaders, marketing professionals, and communication specialists.

With a distinguished identity, outstanding first-rated products and services, and a flourishing team of professionals, iStudent EDS strives to empower and enrich educational and youth development.